Of course we think we are the best on the block when it comes to educational graphics and software, but there are times when a project calls for a little bit more. Thatís why we have partnered with tracermedia and CaveDweller Studio to provide a whole host of related services. As a result we can offer up the strengths of each company in one seamless package.
TRACERMEDIA is a high-end interactive development firm with a unique blend of visual and technical capabilities resulting in innovative multimedia solutions for the world's leading companies.

visit: www.tracermedia.com
CAVEDWELLER STUDIO is a visual communications studio and consultancy specializing in print design and rollout.

visit: www.cavedwellerstudio.com

Got a great curriculum that is just itching to go to the next level? Perhaps you are looking bring visual polish to your course work or maybe you are looking to develop interactive software to reinforce key concepts.

Whatever your need, HoliMoli! can help you develop your ideas by teaming your brain with our development brawn.

To find out more about becoming a HoliMoli! partner please email us at: info@holimolimedia.com

HoliMoli! Media wants to protect your intellectual property rights. Please do not send any ideas, potential product schematics or any other information you consider sensitive. You will be contacted by a HoliMoli! Media representative who will be happy discuss how to proceed with developing your idea responsibly with your interests in mind.